Snaps Blades Fast!

Master Paperhanging Magazine

BLADEater Inventor, Mary Kay Hansen (513) 460-6081, also ( has announced that her clip-on holster with disposable blade cartridge, for safe snapping of the popular 9mm multiple point blades, is being considered for licensing by two major U.S. companies; she told Master Paperhanger Magazine that "...paperhangers like it a lot, and testimonials have come in recently from Cliff Hayes of New Jersey, and Billy Gann of Florida; but what most donít know, is that at least half of the users of snap-off blades are not paperhangers, but in businesses like automotive upholstery, soft plastic fabrication, and so on; so the licensing deals, which will get the product out to the bigger markets, are going to be really important; we currently import both blades and holsters from Taiwan, but would also consider getting involved in a U.S. manufacturing facility as we grow."