Snaps Blades Fast!

"The BLADEater® works well and I like its safety features. I like the fact that there are no more stray blades in the work area. It is great not to have to grab a set of pliers to snap a blade. The hook on the belt holder secures the product to a belt or pocket very well." - Jack

"This product was so easy to use. I have just finished hanging drywall in one room. This tool was very safe to use, instead of having to find pliers or use a blade disposal box. Plus, you can stay up on a ladder longer and safer. This product would be great for a warehouse worker who has to build or tear down boxes. For a handyman anytime, your job can be done more safely. Then, there is more time to enjoy your work." - Rueben

"Excellent design and knife are well built with a sturdy blade guide. The BLADEater® hangs well on a pocket, out of the way, and is easy to get at." - Alan

"It is a nice size for box opening. It is easy to operate. It is made of quality materials and seems like it would stand up to hard use." - James
"The BLADEater® is a fabulous tool. As a graphic designer and model maker, it makes production and design so easy.  There is always a sharp blade within reach. Blade disposal is easy, as the convenient compartment holds used points. Blade storage and replacements are quick to do. The tool is easily carried on your belt." - Stan

"In a setting where a utility knife is useful all day long, this safety holster could be useful. A person would have more than ample supply of blades ready to use on hand. I especially like the blade disposal bank. The package is complete with holster, knife, blades, and spare blades." - Charles

"The best feature is the quick, new blades available all the time, and old ones got rid of easily." - Kermit

"Good idea and safe to break blades without cutting hands, or the end piece flying in the air. Best features are the holster and compartment for used blades." - David

"I would recommend this product because of the safety issues its unique design addresses. The holster is very useful to keep from leaving sharps in dangerous places. The blade cartridge is well designed and stays in place securely. The knife blade track is metal, adding strength and effectiveness to the cut. The best features are the holster and sharps container for safety." - Brian

"This is an excellent product." - Thomas

"The BLADEater® is excellent for cutting boxes, wallpapering, small projects, model work, etc. Blade holds sharpness fairly well and the easy "snap" blade is very effective. It is small, light and very portable." - Mike

"I would highly recommend this product. The BLADEater® is an excellent tool for the handyman in all of the uses. It is very easy to use, nice to have a holster so you're not always looking for your knife, snap dull blades in seconds, with one hand, and you don't have to worry about where the old blade went flying." - Mike

"The BLADEater® is great for one-handed operation. It has made cutting wallpaper, while on a ladder, a 'snap!'" - L.C

"Very handy tool that has plenty of spare blades. Convenient belt holster and the feature for snapping used blades is an excellent idea." - David

"I would recommend this to fellow club members. The ease of the way it breaks the blades, the way you can hook it on your belt and don't have to worry about it falling out. I took it to work and had no problems with it cutting everything I needed it to." - David

 "Extremely easy to use and safe." - Bill

 "I recommend this product because it is an easy tool to have with you, especially when you open lots of packages or boxes. Excellent tool." - John

"All-in-One' holder, blade snapper, used blade disposal. Excellent for convenience and safety. I would recommend this product to others. - Charles

"I don't have to worry about small blades falling on the floor. Breaking each blade is a snap!" - Fred

"What a great product! Very easy to snap off blades and very safe. No more putting a knife you forget to retract in your pocket, or picking pieces of the blade up from the floor. Works just as advertised. The price is very reasonable. Best features are safety and easy disposal of used blades." - Kenneth

"I have used this brand of knife for many years when hanging wallpaper and prefer it to other brands. I am very glad they now have a holster to keep it. I was forever misplacing it in the scrap pieces of wallpaper whenever I laid it down. I highly recommend the new BLADEater®, the best feature is the storage compartment for the blades." - Guy

"The BLADEater® is easy to use. The removal of the used blade tip is easy, efficient, and safe. The replacement blades are kept in the holster, and readily available when replacement is necessary. The holster is sturdy and keeps the BLADEater® handy and safe. The BLADEater® is very good." - Bob